Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning

Schmutz. I put the mug on the counter and did my best not to analyze what might be stuck inside, though at a quick glance, I detected coffee grounds and a crusty creamer ring. Funny how the dishwasher powers out all the food and nastiness, really blasts it, maybe 95% of the time. Those other oddball times, though, you’re left with “Ew.”

I couldn’t exactly find fault with the dishwasher, since the same can be said for my dealings with the spirit world. Straightforward most of the time, but that hinky five percent? It’s a doozy. Like spirits, the next mug in the rack was likely to be unexceptional, nice and clean and coffee-ready, exactly what I expected. Except…it wasn’t. Yuck. I set it on the counter.

“Why’re you unloading the dishwasher?” Jacob asked, wuzzy-voiced, as he shuffled toward the bathroom in his morning fog. “I didn’t run it yet.”

Oh. I turned on the tap and began soaping out a mug. My brain attempted to stretch the ghost analogy to include the idea that it’s helpful to actually run the appliance, but I’d lost my momentum. No biggie.

Not everything needs to be rife with meaning.



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